Alpha: Survival of the Fittest - Full Action RPG

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A story as old as nature itself, the Greywolf pack were once the mightiest wolves in the forest, but in time became arrogant and careless. The oppressed wolf packs around them had banded to destroy the Greywolf pack, and one stormy night engaged them in an epic battle. All that survived were the Alpha wolf Xerxes, and a young pup named Maxx whose mother was killed that night. Maxx would soon be forced into taking the role of Alpha and rebuilding the Greywolf pack, or else face the world as a Lone Wolf...

Battles are fast and furious button mashing action, mixed with strategical skill use thanks to Vampyr Coders SBABS 12. You can choose to be a Lone Wolf, or produce offspring and Fight as a Pack! Tear through everything in your path from Rabbits to Grizzly Bears in an open world adventure that will take you from Omega to Alpha of the wilderness! Compete against 4 other Wolf packs for limited food supplies. The 8 Directional movement scripting gives a fluid action gaming experience. Original Music for this game by Violence Machine.

A - Attack
S - Secondary Attack
D - Jump
Shift - Run
Space/Enter - Use/Pick up
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Skill hotkeys

To produce a pack you must find a Den Mother, after that you must provide her with Meat. When there is enough food for her and a puppy, you can mate and a young wolf will be born. You can name the newborn, then go off and explore the world while you wait for it to grow up into a big strong wolf (about 2-3 minutes). Once the wolf has grown, simply approach (touch) the character and it will ask to join your group! Keep in mind, the more Wolves in your pack, the faster they will eat through your Meat reserves...

Once in your group, pack members can level up independently of the Player. So the more battles they fight at your side, the stronger they will become. Each wolf has it's own specialty (Attack, Defense, Speed, ect). If a wolf Dies, simply return to the Den Mother and mate to have the wolf reborn.

The Sniff skill is an invaluable tool that displays a mini-map in the top right corner of the screen, displaying the approximate location of Prey, Preditors, Super Preditors, Special Locations and the Players location. The minimap will show the strongest scents, so a rabbit hole or raccoon hovel (spawn points) may show up instead of individual creatures. It is useful to use this skill to see ahead in the map in case of Super Preditors that should be avoided until you have a full pack, or to find prey for quick meat gains.

Alpha: Survival of the Fittest is an open world game that takes place in every corner of the wilderness, from frozen mountain peaks to blazing desert dunes. In a "Zelda style" game world with no "World Map", players will be able to actively explore great various locations such as:

The Winding trails of Greywolf Forest
The Bright grassy plains of Evershine
The Trecherous cliffs of Trueno Heights
The Scorching expanse of the Badlands
The Firey obsidian bluffs of El Mesa del Fuego
The Murky maze of The Black Marsh
The Icy paths of Chillywind Pass
The Spooky depths of Darkwood
The Dangerous streets of Downtown
And more!

Maxx is a strong and intellegent grey wolf, born just before the pack lost it's position of power. He is traumatized by finding his mothers disembowled body, however this memory serves to fuel his richeous anger. After being left alone with his father Xerxes, Maxx must essentially fend for himself due to Xerxes lack of interest in him. There comes a time when Maxx must choose to become the new Alpha of the Greywolf pack and restore it to it's former glory, or else fade into extinction...

Xerxes was once the mightiest wolf in the forest, strong and sly, he lead the Greywolf pack into a position of authority over the wilderness. It was only after many years that Xerxes became complacent, too accustomed to never being challeneged. Confident in his superiority, he began to oppress the rival packs. He got his signature scar over his eye from Razor, who was just a young up-and-coming Beta wolf at the time. They scuffled over a deer carcass Razor had found on Greywolf territory, which lead to the banding of the other packs to defeat Xerxes once and for all...

Kush is the Alpha of the Redwolf pack that call Evershine their home. The Redwolves are smaller and generally weaker than the other wolves, but compensate with their cunning. Kush runs the pack from his hillside den lair, however recently contracted Rabies and has gone completely Mad...
Skill: Growl

Malvado is the Alpha of the Lobo pack, a group of black Archipelago wolves pushed from their northern home by the Arctic wolves and human expansion. Malvado spends his days awaiting fresh kills in his volcanic chamber, barking at the tremors which cause flames to sprout from the floor...
Skill: Bark

is the Alpha of the Arctic Wolf pack, living in the frozen northern territories which has toughed them physically and mentally. Frfst is deaf, as evidenced by his one Blue and one Brown eye, however he often howls dispite it in order to keep himself warm on the icy summit of Mohawk Glacier.
Skill: Howl

Razor is the Alpha of the Timberwolf pack, known for their reverence of all things Tough and Cruel, Razor is the Biggest and Baddest. Even in his youth Razor was unusually large, able to take on more skilled elder wolves like Xerxes. He now spends his days in an abandoned Mine chewing the bones of his opposition.
Skill: Blood Lust

Special Thanks:

Additional Graphics by:

- Aindra
- Mack
- GrandmaDeb

Additional Scripts:

- SBABS 12 by Vlad (Vampyr Coders)
- 8 Dir Movement by KGC
- Stand/Walk/Run by Synthesize
- Show Map Names by Ramiro (Holy_wyvern, ramiazul)
- Mapslide by OriginalWij
- Thomas Edison VX by BulletXt
- HP bar fix by Piejamas

Music by:

Violence Machine
Duran Duran ("Hungry like the Wolf" - End Credits)

If you made anything I used and weren't credited (dope ruined my memory lol), feel free to ask for credit and I'll add your name (please include what it is you're asking credit for).

Known Bugs:

1. Attacking without a weapon equipped causes error (System error - critical)
2. If player becomes "stuck" in idle (scratching) position, may cause error (System error - critical/rare)
3. "Predator" misspelled (text error - minor)
4. Healing water in Frozen Fjord doesn't heal Howler (Gameplay error - minor)
5. Some maps heal player/cause immunity (Gameplay error - moderate)

==> Download Game - Alpha: sotf <==
66.4 MB (RTP Included)

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