Hitchcock Games
Games Upcoming Opportunities
Hitchcock Games is looking for talented individuals with experience in Game Development or a related feild (Graphics, Programming, ect).

Hitchcock Games offers a unique employment opportunity. Not only will you be able to get in on the ground floor of Hitchcock Games groundbreaking flagship projects, each member of the team will have a chance to have their own game ideas created.

As each of our games come to life, they are sold to large companies for huge profits which are then divided among the team. Each member will be fully credited for their ideas, as well as given royalties for every copy of their game sold. In this way you can have your dream game created, and in turn you will help others bring their dream game into reality. And best of all, everyone gets rich doing what they love...

If you are interested in joining the Hitchcock Games dev team, click the "contact" link below (or e-mail contact@hitchcockbros.com) and put "Game Dev Employment" as the subject. Make sure to include the following in your e-mail:
- Your name or internet-nickname
- What game dev talents you bring to the table (3D modeling, C++, ect)